WHEN 1 + 1 = 3

It's not that we can't add. We're actually quite good at it. We are also quite good at collaboration. We learned how design is improved with the sharing of ideas and information – camaraderie, the shared experience, and collaboration – in architecture school. We believe in it. Collaboration is fundamental to our approach to providing RESPONSIVE, CREATIVE, AND SUSTAINABLE solutions. Collaboration is one of the keys to the success of our firm over 35 years. The cumulative knowledge within our studio walls is a huge advantage for every project. Each project manager understands this, and we manage our projects and studios to benefit from this knowledge and expertise. This translates into imaginative design and proactive problem solving, resulting in successful designs and projects running smoothly and staying on budget.

What differentiates our firm is our synergetic collaboration and application of cumulative knowledge and breadth of talent to projects, enabling us to break new ground, do new things well, resulting in contemporary, creative, and successful design solutions. This adds up to more than the sum of our parts. That's why 1 + 1 = 3.

Every project starts with a conversation – with you. Our belief in collaboration extends to our relationship with our clients. The opportunity to build something may be the experience a lifetime – a great experience. Quite frankly, it should be fun, and we strive to make it so. While we have all the computers and whiz bang technology back at the studio to create plans so detailed, so spot-on that contractors truly enjoy working with us, we start with— an idea. We conceptualize the space. We walk it. We study it. In the morning, at lunch, at dusk. What's it feel like? Where does the sun shine in? What's the view like from the north? The south? All the while keeping in mind the affect our work will have on the surrounding landscape as well as the neighbors.

We love what we do, and the challenge the next project provides. We learn from them. We share experiences with others in the studios. It's this expertise that provides our clients – both commercial and residential – with peace of mind. It's not about being a commercial or residential architect, it's how we do both so well. Two words – talent and experience. The diversity of project types in both the residential and commercial fields allows us to move beyond the expected. Our residential work gives us greater creative freedom which "informs" our commercial related work, and the commercial work often requires technical complexity that "informs" our residential work. Thus, our clients get the best of both worlds. Inspirational design. But with a solid wealth of knowledge enabling us to better understand design concerns such as context, proportion, scale, and massing.